Welcome, I'm James a location independent software craftsperson.

I have been working remote for a number of years and now I'm travelling and exploring while building my own software and services and helping other people to build their own software.

Writing and blogging
Designing a new feature for Audience - Email Sequences

When a new subscriber signs up, we want them to go through an email sequence. At some point, we might add a trigger that moves the subscriber to a different sequence.

You got mail! I'm building another site, but I have a good reason.

Azure functions have moved forward a huge amount since V1 in this post we go over some of the new changes to creating functions in V2...

Welcome, You've got mail!

Email marketing is one of the most effective marketing channels available. With this blog, I'm going to share the tips and ideas to help you succeed with email marketing.

Things I'm building


A platform to make your content work for you. Improves sharing and uses AI to work out what content works best and when.


A tool for building and connecting with your Audience, using email newsletters


Websites for Photographers. Show off your work and sell prints.


Privacy focused comments for your blog.


Travel content in one place. Get hotel and city information from a single API.


GlobeTrack is a specialist in Tour Operator Software and we are continually working to find better solutions for our clients. From simple reports that assist in decision making to complex functionality that will make working life easier.


We provide alerting when the there are issues on the cloud. We monitor Amazon Web services (AWS), Windows Azure and Google Cloud, if there is a service interruption we provide alerts so you can know what might effect your service or product.


Your place for curated podcast play lists.


Rianu is an API First CRM to power your SAAS. We make it easy to automate the parts you need to automate so you can get on with building and shipping code.


Convert excel files to CSV files. Makes data loading really easy. Sound familiar? You have an application or website for your business. This app has a CSV import feature. Your suppliers send you excel files with the products listed with prices in their own currency. Each excel file is in a different format which suits the supplier but not you. You spend hours at a time trying to edit the excel files and sheets into the format you need and save them as a CSV.
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